Sonal Choudhary

Programme Director (Food Systems), TRANSSITioN
Head of Research Centre for Operations Management and Decision Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Management at Sheffield University Management School

Dr Choudhary specialises in sustainable operations and supply chain management practices along with technological adoptions for enhancing the resilience and sustainability of food systems. She investigates how various types of interventions can help in designing a sustainable agri-food value chain. Sonal is currently the Principal Investigator and Lead at STFC Food Network+ Phase II (£1.2M). She has created a network of national and international stakeholders in food, energy and water industry that includes some of the big players, service providers, retailers, processors, SMEs, farmer organisations, NGOs, certification bodies and policy makers in the UK, India, ASEAN and African countries. She leads Sustainable Integrated Food VAlue chain Network (SAVAN).