Working at the grass root level

Working at the grass root level

CSA and Project TRANSSITioN looking to scale up eKrishi 2.0 Digital Platform

As part of of Project TRANSSITioN’s scope, the team at Centre for Sustainable Agriculture under the leadership of Dr GV Ramanjaneyulu, is collaborating with the University of Sheffield, RAL Space, STFC Hartree Centre and IBM Research to scale up existing eKrishi, an integrated digital platform for small farmer collectives to manage their production and marketing, to eKrishi 2.0.

The platform, which has been developed in collaboration with a team of experts from the UK and India and supported by Project TRANSSITioN, will scale up to provide a cloud based end-to-end digital decision support services to farmers and farmer collectives. eKrishi will use a hybrid digital and offline model to establish comprehensive support services to farmers to improve their incomes, improve the sustainability of production system and supply chain and establish a transparent traceability system. Under the scale up plans, the platform is aiming to host more than 25,000 small scale farmers across the state of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Bihar to begin with.

Please visit CSA eKrishi-TRANSSITioN 2.0 know more details about the digital platform and its bundled services that are currently offered to hundreds of farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

More information about Conceptual Framework eKrishi 2.0 can be found here.

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The Project TRANSSITioN is employing STFC’s technological capabilities in space sciences and advanced computing, and equally considering low-tech, indigenous grass root level innovations to generate measurable impact project’s beneficiaries and stakeholders.

This is why TRANSSITioN is emphasising on interaction at the grass root level and collection of primary data for analysis and decision making.