G. V. Ramanjaneyulu

Executive Director, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Dr Ramanjaneyulu is an agricultural scientist with Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, working on establishing ecologically and economically sustainable production systems in agriculture.  Working with small and marginal farmers across the country, his organisation could innovate on various practices to improve organic/natural farming models, adapting to climate change and partnered with various state governments for scaling up such practices. Dr. Ramanjaneyulu also works on building community business organisations like Farmer Cooperatives, Producer Companies, women group enterprises to build their capacities to strengthen their skills and knowledge and establish support services to strengthen them.  CSA also runs a helpline for farmers called ‘Kisan Mitra’ which tries to improve farmers access to public support services.


In this project, Dr. Ramanjaneyulu will work on improving the vegetable supply chains, developing data-based decision support systems for improving the supply chains.